2016 By The Numbers

So 2016 was a year where I mostly lived and worked in a foreign country- South Korea. Then I got to travel and explore the world. I got to see more of the world in a year than many people will experience in a lifetime. Overall I had an amazing year, but it still had bumps and hills in it. It was a terrible year for me and cell phones. I hope that 2017 will be an amazing year with many new experiences. Below are some things I experienced in 2016 by the numbers.

2 Countries lived in– United States and South Korea. Yes, I lived in South Korea and not North Korea. Many people have asked if I lived in North Korea. I never set foot in North Korea and couldn’t have went there from South Korea. I hope to visit North Korea someday  but you cannot go there from South Korea and need to probably go from China or Russia on an organized tour and North Korea will provide people to be with you at all times while you are visiting.

9 New Countries Visited– I visited Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, Australia, and Qatar.

1 New State Visited– I met my Mom and brother in Hawaii when I visited the state for the first time.

1 cell phone lost in the Gold Coast of Australia

22 Airports I flew into or from-

4 In Korea- ICN-Incheon, KWJ- Gwangju, PUS-Gimhae Busan, CJU-Jeju

3 In Japan- NRT- Tokyo Narita, OKA- Naha Okinawa, KIX- Kansai Osaka

1 In Taiwan- TPE- Taiwan Taoyuan

4 In Thailand- DMK- Bangkok, CNX- Chiang Mai, HKT- Phuket, KBV- Krabi

1 In China- PVG- Shanghai Pudong

1 In Hong Kong- HKG- Hong Kong

2 In Cambodia- REP-Siem Reap, PNH- Phnom Penh

1 In Malaysia- KUL- Kuala Lumpur

2 In Australia- OOL- Gold Coast, SYD- Sydney Kingsford

1 In Qatar- DOH-Doha Hamad

2 In United States- HNL- Honolulu, PHL-Philadelphia

21 Flights Taken

ICN-Incheon to NRT- Tokyo Narita

NRT- Tokyo Narita  to ICN-Incheon

KWJ- Gwangju to CJU-Jeju

CJU-Jeju  to KWJ- Gwangju

PUS-Gimhae Busan to TPE- Taiwan Taoyuan

TPE- Taiwan Taoyuan to PUS-Gimhae Busan

ICN-Incheon to OKA- Naha Okinawa

OKA- Naha Okinawa to KIX- Kansai Osaka

NRT- Tokyo Narita to HNL- Honolulu

HNL- Honolulu to NRT- Tokyo Narita

NRT- Tokyo Narita to DMK- Bangkok

CNX- Chiang Mai to HKT- Phuket

KBV- Krabi to DMK- Bangkok

DMK- Bangkok to PVG- Shanghai Pudong

PVG- Shanghai Pudong to HKG- Hong Kong

HKG- Hong Kong to REP-Siem Reap

PNH- Phnom Penh to KUL- Kuala Lumpur

KUL- Kuala Lumpur to OOL- Gold Coast

OOL- Gold Coast to SYD- Sydney Kingsford

SYD- Sydney Kingsford to DOH-Doha Hamad

DOH-Doha Hamad to PHL-Philadelphia

4 New Disney Parks visited– Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea, Shanghai Disneyland, and Hong Kong Disneyland. The only Disney parks I have yet to visit are in Paris.

1 Overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Countless busses, trains, boats, tuk tuks, long tails, and ferries to transport me on my travels and adventures.

Zero driving done by me in any foreign countries. While I was traveling I only used public transportation and left the driving to someone else.

Many festivals from Mud to Sea parting, to butterflies or cherry blossoms, etc I attended more festivals then I recall.

1 cell phone broken in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

1 job teaching kids English

2017- I hope that 2017 is a great year that brings a new job, many new adventures, and lots of travels and new skills learned. Also hopefully I’ll do a better job of blogging my adventures.

Have a Happy and Healthy New Year! Try something new, eat a new food, learn a new skill, go visit someplace different in your neighborhood, or go push outside of your boundaries and see a new state, country or try something you are scared of.  Adventure is out there.